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In Greek Mythology Atlas was the one condemned to stand with the Earth and Heavens on his shoulders.

100 people on stage. A landscape of people with different kind of professions, claiming their position on society, individually as well as in group, mapping a sort of 'atlas' of the complex cohesion of a social tissue.



Performers  100 people of different professions


Concept, light and artistic direction  Ana Borralho & João Galante


Light consultant  Thomas Walgrave


Sound  Coolgate


Dramaturgy collaboration  Fernando Ribeiro, Rui Catalão


Artistic collaboration and group coordination  Catarina Gonçalves, Cátia Leitão, Tiago Gandra


Executive production  Maria João Garcia


Production  casaBranca


Co-production  Teatro Municipal Maria Matos, Teatro Rivoli, Porto



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