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Boxing project is a sort of perfinst – performance and installation – of a triptych of environments related to what we call home, land, city, it is about the point that appears on the map as a starting, arrival or passage point. We find ourselves among liminar places, non-places, places that haven't completely ceased to be. We find ourselves changing continually. And even so, there is the need to take care of these places that are mutable, keep them clean, keep each object safe. There is always someone who leaves and someone who waits, someone who stays, but then leaves, moves, packs, departs. There are routes of kilometers shrunk and stretched, crossed and mismatched. Everything is always changing.


concept and creation

Luís Vieira e Marta Cunha


video and photography

Felícia Teixeira e João Brojo



NEC Núcleo de Experimentação Coreográfica

Artistic residence | 13 June to 1 July

Presentations: 2 and 3 July |19h30

6º Floor | Building AXA



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