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Originally written for television, in 1962, "The Lover" by Harold Pinter, deals with the relationship and emotional isolation of the individual in

industrial societies. Surrounded by silences and misunderstandings, a young couple bourgeois is enclosed in irony and aggressiveness, in aloofness or in theatricality, exploring and discovering the bridges between fantasy and everyday.


In a text on the problem of proximity, staging radicalizes the intimacy between actors and audience, placing Harold's play Pinter in a one bedroom flat at Teatro Municipal Campo Alegre.


The Expanded Theater!, a dynamic theatrical research laboratory by João Sousa Cardoso, is one of the resident structures in Campo Alegre in 2015. The project proposes to develop several presentations in an intensive regime of creation, revisiting a repertoire dramaturgy of 12 texts that promises to approach works from the last 100 years.


Concept and direction

João Sousa Cardoso



Antonio Vieira Alves, Ricardo Bueno, Marta Cunha


Ricardo Novais Pereira


Teatro Expandido!


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