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Mostly known as a painter, Álvaro Lapa (1939-2006) remains a secret writer, which we urgently need to read again. Such is the pursuit of visual artist and film director João Sousa Cardoso, who, in a new incursion into Lapa’s work, rescues Barulheira [Racket] from silence. In an essay in various voices, Sousa Cardoso and the actors search together – and in ways that change every night – for Lapa’s polyphonic text, which weaves together inner monologues, diary entries and brief tales that revisit figures from the artist’s personal mythology (the brother, the navigator, the teacher, the prophet, the bird, the hours, mathematics, the sea of Labruge), as well as passages in which he invokes Artaud, celebrating the pre-cultural vitality that emerges from the free experiencing of the body and language. After Raso como o Chão – which premiered in 2012 at TeCA –, it is now Barulheira’s turn to continue a reflection on the work of imagination, eroticism and the possibilities of freedom in Portugal, while preserving the rough edges that separate one artistic discipline from another.


Texts  Álvaro Lapa


Concept  João Sousa Cardoso


Actors  Ricardo Bueno, Marta Cunha, Constança Carvalho Homem, João Sousa Cardoso


Lighting Design  Miguel Ângelo Carneiro


Photography  Catarina Oliveira, Imagem Image, Nuno Gonçalves


Production Director  Isalinda Santos


Co-production  TNSJ, Confederação

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