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In the outskirts of a big city a group of ten aimless friends spend their days in the street, in the cafe or in each other's beds. When a Greek arrives to the city, he became the perfect object of their own frustrations. Katzelmacher it's an abusive slang word for any foreign worker.

From the play Katzelmacher (1968) and from the film Katzelmacher (1969) by Rainer Werner Fassbinder.


Translation  Ricardo Braun


Dramaturgy and Direction  Luís Araújo e Ricardo Braun


Scenography  Luís Araújo e Ricardo Braun


Lighting Design  Pedro Cunha


Costumes  Sara Pazos


Music  Maybe the next one


Actors  Adriana Vaz de Carvalho Helga, Afonso Santos Jorgos,Ana Santos Elisabeth/ Mulher, António Parra Paul, Mafalda Banquart Ingrid, Marta Cunha Marie, Ricardo Bueno Erich, Rita Gigante Gunda, Sérgio Sá Cunha Franz, Tiago Moreira Bruno, Manuel Molarinho Klaus



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