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Cláudia is an adult and writes books, but like all adults, she used diapers and had to learn to read. Cláudia grew up in a poor neighbourhood. She played and fought with children of all skin colors and various nationalities. She learned early on that people are all different and that sometimes they don’t understand each other. From his childhood memories and inspired by the story “Meninos de todas as cores”, by Luísa Ducla Soares, a narrative is built with several episodes of discrimination, violence, but also friendship, overcoming and discovering the place of the other. From the memories of a child, the present is created and a near future, fairer and freer for all, is projected.

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Text  Cláudia Lucas Chéu


Staging  Natasha Syvanenko


Costumes  Cláudia Ribeiro


Scenography  Joana Carvalho


Music  Noiserv


Lighting  Rui Monteiro


Choreography  Wallace Wong


Performances  Alexandre Calçada, Alexandre Martins, Marta Bonito, Ulé Baldé


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