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From the legend of the Trojan Horse of the Classical Antiquity to the contemporary virtual Trojan Horse, the theme of violation assumes diverse shades within the feminine. If the hollow womb of the wood horse carried the Greek army that in the rescue of Helen, spouse of Menelau, would destroy the city of Troy from within its own centre; the virtual traffic hides in many occasions the malwares, that mimicking the classical legend and numerous historical episodes, allow the opening of a system from within, making its information vulnerable to external invasions from unauthorised entities, in the never-ending definition and manipulation of its limits. Not focusing only on the victims sexually abused, TROJAN HORSE explores other forms of physical, psychic and emotional violation of the woman but also of the invasion of the city itself as forum of the twisted social engineering, namely the invasion of privacy (from the traditional stalker to the voyeuristic social networks), the canons of beauty (from the deviation of the cosmetic surgery to the refusal of the parameters of beauty by the mass media and even the actual tradition), and the beliefs, faith, values and moral (the rebellion against the social habits), among others.
As an ode to Woman, from the goddess Venus to the muse Helen, platonic and passionate symbol across generations, TROJAN HORSE gets us in the motherboard of female eroticism, through attraction and repulse states unravelling behaviours of risk and violence, between love and hate, in the flesh vertigo of sadomasochism.

Artistic direction, Scenography and Light design André Mendes
Original soundtrack Pedro Augusto aka Ghuna X
Co-creation and interpretation Marta Cunha
Dramaturgy support Emanuel de Sousa
Costumes André Mendes, Patrícia Sousa
Technical Operation João Teixeira
Photography record Pedro Mendes
Vídeo record Andrea Azevedo
Sponsorship Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian
Institucional partners Balleteatro, Companhia Instável, Mala Voadora, Ponto Teatro
Thanks Cristina Planas Leitão, Daniela Gonçalves

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